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Mephedrone to be made Class B drug withi

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Mephedrone is legal and widely available.....
Home Secretary Alan Johnson is to ban the legal high Mephedrone and other synthetic drugs within weeks.
It comes after the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs recommended they be classified as a Class B drugs.
Class B drugs, which include cannabis and amphetamines, carry a maximum sentence of five years for possession or 14 years for supply.
There has been recent pressure to ban Mephedrone, linked in media reports to at least four UK deaths.
There had been speculation the 11th-hour resignation of Dr Polly Taylor from the ACMD could delay a ban because of rules about its membership.
The law says any move to ban a drug must follow consultation with the Advisory Council.
After the resignation of Dr Taylor, Lib Dem science spokesman Dr Evan Harris said Home Secretary Alan Johnsons ban would have to wait until the council was properly constituted.
But a spokesman from the Home Office maintained the ACMD was still able to fulfil its legal role.

Teenagers give out deadly MCat

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Teenagers give deadly M-Cat to girls, 12 mums anger after daughter given lethal drug
By Alison Rennie

Published: 20/03/2010

DANGER: The drug M-Cat has been linked to two deaths.

A mum today told of her terror after her 12-year-old daughter was given deadly Mephedrone, known as M-Cat, by a gang of teenagers.
She told how the youngster had been too shocked to talk about the incident.
The mum warned parents to be on the lookout for M-Cat, a legal drug which police have warned has become rife.
The mum-of-one, who did not want to be named, said: She had been out with some friends and there were some older kids with them.
She had to be home for 9pm and I never thought anything was wrong when she came in the door she seemed fine.
But after about an hour I got a call from my daughters friends mum and she told me they had taken Mephedrone and her daughter wasnt feeling very well.
The mum said she went to check on her daughter, who also said she felt unwell.
She said she later spoke to the other family and police were informed about the drugs incident.
The mum told how her daughter was very lucky and said she hoped other parents were aware of how accessible M-Cat was to youngsters.
She said: I just panicked, I hadnt heard of the drug before.
I didnt know what to do. I couldnt believe she could have got hold of it as she is only 12.
Luckily they were all okay.
I dread to think what could have happened to my daughter.
However, others may not be as lucky.
I only hope more can be done to protect children from the drug.

Woman 24 Dies After Taking Mephedrone

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Tuesday March 23, 2010

Damien Pearse, Sky News Online

A 24-year-old woman has died after apparently taking the legal party drug mephedrone, police have said.

A packet of mephedrone, also known as meow meow or M-Cat

The woman, who has not been identified, was found dead at an address in Norton, near Malton, North Yorkshire, on Monday morning by a friend.

Detectives believe the woman may have taken mephedrone, also known as M-Cat or meow meow.

This latest tragedy follows the deaths of Louis Wainwright, 18, and Nicholas Smith, 19, who died in Scunthorpe last week following a night out.

North Yorkshire Police issued a stark warning about the dangers of the drug as it made an appeal for anyone who may have seen the victim in the last couple of days to come forward.

Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Costello said: If you have used this drug and feel unwell then you should seek urgent medical assistance.

If you possess this supposed legal substance then please hand it to the police or dispose of it safely.

Although mephedrone is currently not classified as an illegal drug, people need to know that this substance is very dangerous and it is important that anyone who has taken it contacts their local GP or hospital immediately.

A post-mortem examination is due to be held in the next few days and a report will be prepared for the coroner.

Man banned from Aberdeen clubs

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Man banned from Aberdeen clubs
18-year-old found carrying M-Cat
Published: 15/03/2010

AN 18-YEAR-OLD has been banned from more than 20 clubs in Aberdeen city centre after being found with legal highs.

The man was carrying mephedrone, known as M-Cat, which has similar effects to cocaine.

The 22 clubs in Aberdeens Unight group have decided to ban anyone found with M-Cat for at least six months.

Grampian Police Sergeant David Bremner said the man was caught as part of Operation Oak on Friday and Saturday nights in Aberdeen, where 560 people were tested.

He said: One 18-year-old youth who was celebrating his birthday was found in possession of mephedron in Aberdeen.

The message is simple, you cannot use M-Cat if you want to go out in Aberdeen.

More than 200 fake ID cards seized in Ab

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Police crackdown to root out underage drinkers
Published: 15/02/2010

ACTION: Grampian Police Inspector Andy Imray said there had been a surge in the number of fake ID cards used in Aberdeen.
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MORE than 200 fake ID cards have been seized from underage youths trying to get into Aberdeen bars and clubs.

Bouncers in Aberdeen handed 219 fake or borrowed ID cards, passports and driving licences to police between April 2009 and January 2010.

Grampian Police Inspector Andy Imray said the crackdown came after a surge in the number of fake ID cards being used in Aberdeen.

He said: The majority of that is underage kids getting into Aberdeens pubs and clubs with a fake ID card or taking a brother or sisters ID card.

Its not very surprising there were so many.

It has always been the case people try to get into pubs underage.

Insp Imray said there needed to be a culture change so young people realised it is not worth getting into trouble with the police just to get an illegal drink.

But he added: We are taking it a stage further and actually trying to root out underage drinkers using fake ID in Aberdeen.

It sends the message that the police will not turn a blind eye.

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