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Is It Worth It?

- submited by Chris Fowler

30th May 2012

Today @ The Belmont Cinema a joint campaign by Unight Aberdeen, Grampian Police, Safer Aberdeen and the local schools board has been launched. This campaign is called Is It Worth It?

This is the result of a collation of work done by and on behalf of Unight with help from the aforementioned agencies and Aberdeen College.

The campaign focusses on Identity Fraud in respect to Under-Age young people attempting to gain access to Licensed Venues or buy from Licensed retailers using false or forged identification.

The creation of this new DVD resource tool is the end product and it is this, along with a teaching pack, that will be used in the classrooms of S4-S6 Social Studies classes in the next school academic year.

The synopsis follows a young person who uses his older brothers' passport to attempt to gain entry to a Nightclub. He is stopped and the DVD shows the consequences of this act. Eventually leading to his arrest and the confiscation of the passport. This in turn prevents his brother from going on a pre-planned holiday.

All parties involved, with continued support of the Passport & Immigration Office, fully support the actions laid out in the DVD and feel it is extremely important to get this messgae across to teenagers today.

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