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- submited by Gillian Esson

Safety advice - Watch your phone when out and about

DON'T leave your phone on tables in pubs or restaurants and try not to use it in a crowded place

MAKE SURE if you keep your phone in a bag that you keep it close to you and never leave it unattended , even for a short period

BE AWARE when using your phone in areas where thieves often operate - like nightclubs and pubs, or bus stops. If you use a phone at these locations make sure that you are satisfied that it is safe to do so. If you are unsure, it may be best to avoid using the phone until you are in a safer location

TAKE CARE if you're using your phone when walking and make sure you are paying attention to what's going on around you

REGISTER your phone with your network operator. This means they can block calls if your phone is stolen so the thief can't use it. You can also register your mobile on a free property database such as 'Immobilise' (www.immobilise.com). Immobilise will help the Police, your insurer and the second-hand trade to assist in recovering your phone

RECORD your 15 - digit registration number (also known as the IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity Number) and phone number. Keep these numbers separate and safe. You can find your IMEI number by keying *#06# into most phones or by looking underneath the phone battery

IF YOUR PHONE IS STOLEN report it to your network operator and to the Police. Your phone can be blocked, just like a stolen credit card. Once blocked, it cannot be used again

IF YOU HAVE AN ANDROID OR SMARTPHONE consider downloading an app to your phone, which will improve its security by providing a means to locate the phone if it is stolen. An example of such an app is lookout.com

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