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Operation Oak

- submited by Shelly Wall

A message from Grampian Police - Operation Oak

In 2006 Operation Oak was introduced by Grampian Police and the Aberdeen Community Safety Partnership to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour in the City Centre. Violent crime is now at a six year low making Aberdeen City Centre one of the safest in the country.

We want to pass on some tips and friendly advice so that you greatly reduce the chance of being a victim of crime, or worse, arrested or injured.

In our experience, a fair chunk of the reported crime at this time of year could be avoided. It is a great shame to see that a moments stupidity gets someone a criminal record and greatly reduces their career options to get or keep a job when they return home.

Seeing grown men and women in tears when they realise what they have done, and the consequences of their actions, is not a happy sight. So please think before you do something daft and watch your intake of alcohol; when you are drunk is when you are most vulnerable.

You are probably getting the gist now that, while we will police the City Centre in a friendly, neighbourly and safety-minded manner, we will not let the minority spoil it for others. We will arrest and will take a hard line with those who try.

City Centre Local Policing Team
T/0845 600 5 700

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