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Aberdeen pubs and clubs ban MCAT

- submited by Shelly Wall

Press release by Raymond Hainey 15/02/2010

Aberdeen pubs and clubs have banned a drug despite it still being legal in the UK.

UNIGHT Aberdeen members have decided to ban anyone caught on, or trying to get into, their premises with mephedrone known at MCAT.

UNIGHT Aberdeen chairman Mark Donlevy said: "There has been a lot of concern about this drug across the country, even though it is legal.

"This is still a psychoactive drug and has the potential to cause anti-social behaviour, which we will not tolerate and could even cause serious health issues for users."

This ban sends a clear message to our patrons that we will not tolerate drugs of any kind and anyone caught with mephedrone will face a ban not just from one establishment, but all of them."

Grampian Police substance misuse co-ordinator Detective Inspector Andy Imray said: "This ban speaks volumes for the commitment of UNIGHT members to keeping our venues drugs-free.

"Grampian Police is determined to work with all our partners to keep our city centre as pleasant a place to visit as possible.

"While mephedrone is still a legal drug, there is evidence that it can lead to illness among users.

"And like illegal drugs its effects can be unpredictable, especially when combined with alcohol or an illegal substance.

"This is a very positive, socially responsible move by UNIGHT and Grampian Police supports it wholeheartedly."

UNIGHT Aberdeen, launched last year, now comprises a total of 23 late night venues across the city.

UNIGHT works by information-sharing by members and patrons caught behaving anti-socially, with drugs or taking part in violence could face a ban from all participating venues.

Offenders get a letter banning him or her from all UNIGHT premises for a fixed period up to and including a life ban for serious offenders which will then be enforced by door staff.

In addition, anyone caught committing a criminal offence will be dealt with by Grampian Police.

Similar schemes have been credited with cutting night-time crime in other cities across the UK, including Edinburgh.

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